Social ideals in Pakistani culture are pretty restrictive. These principles are so closely related that Pakistanis still uphold them even after leaving the nation and settling abroad in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, or any other European country.

Shireen Lakdawala, a Pakistani fashion designer, makes it very simple to connect with Pakistani culture by offering her services in such areas for apparel. Shireen Lakdawala, a reputable Pakistani brand, provides a variety of dress categories, including formal-heavy, formal-light, luxury pret, and shawls.

The company’s recently unveiled “Muskaan Collection” will now bloom your wedding season. To embellish the event, you can choose from various brands choices for wedding dresses. Thirteen dresses make up the Muskaan Collection for the wedding season of 2022, and each is hand-crafted with tilla, kora, pearls, gotta, and rubies.

These dresses come in various hues that work well for all wedding events.

Mehndi Dresses

A pre-wedding occasion called mehndi is planned for the bride, her friends, and her close family members. The application of the Mehndi, or henna design, to their hands and feet, is the major attraction of the celebration. Pakistanis perform a few traditional acts to mark the occasion during the pre-wedding event. Gia and Haya from the Mustang Collection are appropriate for this occasion, and donning the customary jewelry will be enough to improve your appearance.

Pakistani Barat Dresses

One of the most important events during weddings is Barat. Because of how significant the occasion is, women’s desire to appear their best is also at an all-time high.

Although the women in this place have their makeup done at salons, the dress is an essential item to choose and have fitted for according to its measurements. The Muskaan Collection by Shireen Lakdawala discusses these challenges and offers answers.

You can shop online by visiting the website and selecting the Muskaan Collection from the navigation bar to choose your dress. The stitching problem is next, for which the brand offers a stitching service where you can have your gowns expertly tailored by Shireen Lakdawala using precise measurements.

Dresses for Walima

Walima is the next Baraat event. This time, everything is more fashionable, reasonable, and upscale. Women want to appear graceful in sarees in light, dark, and green shades.

Arab, Merab, or Zarmin from the Muskaan Collection are my suggestions for the Walima or reception. These sarees include thread and sequence work and are embroidered on chiffon. This makes you look even more stunning on your wedding day.

After-Wedding Party Clothes

Even when the Walima is over, there are still certain activities to host at Pakistani weddings, such as invitations to dinners at relatives’ homes for the married couple. In those circumstances, light suits are ideal. You already donned thick suits to important events.

Now is the moment to alter your preferences. The Riya, Sheeba, and Soha pieces from the Muskaan collection of 2022 are what you need right now because they appear plentiful and are easy to wear.

The winter season might also benefit from this assortment. Shireen Lakdawala’s attention to detail in each dress’ design and construction sets the Muskaan Collection apart from the work of other designers.

To enhance your appearance, the Pakistani designers at Shireen Lakdawala brilliantly combine traditional and current styles. The brand offers various options for choosing from using multiple colors and fabrics.