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Thredz Collection; Founded in 2004, with a strong emphasis on high quality, ready to wear clothes, as well as providing its customers with the latest trends in fashion. They strive to inspire and excite your senses with their vibrant color palettes, trendy designs and handpicked accessories. They understand your fashion needs, which is why they are one the leading designer brands in Pakistan.

Thredz Collection

Thredz Collection

Today, after 9 years Thredz is now the trend setter and deals with all kind of fabrics with the assurance of providing the best quality. THREDZ offers a wide selection of hand woven unstitched fabrics, ready to wear kurtas for both men and women, and formal wear.

In a short span of time, THREDZ has expanded in many locations across Pakistan and internationally in Houston. THREDZ provides simple, but timeless cult pieces that have set the bar high as a prestigious fashion label. Whether you need a brand new outfit or an entire wardrobe- out in house stylists is more than happy to provide you with assistance to make you feel you’re very best.


Men’s and Women’s wear.
Casual, Semi-formal and Formal.
Shoes and Accessories.

Thredz focuses on the colors around us. It arises with men and women wear and gave it a simple yet classy look.Within a short span of time Thredz gained an immense response from Karachi.It began to spread its wings in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad and soon will be covering Islamabad and major metropolitan of Pakistan.

In the era of vibrant Patyala Kameez, short kurti and shalwar, a new fashion company took birth in this society that introduced minimalistic fashion. Gradually society changed from short kurtis to long kameez, bellpants to straight ones. They offer their customer the enjoyment of sale in all seasons at all products for men, women and kids as well.