Zubia Zainab amazed us with her debut demi-couture collection. Every statement item has a distinctive design of machine-made and hand-crafted pieces in various colours.

We get a sneak peek at two of the most beautiful outfits for the upcoming wedding season from Asteria, the goddess of falling stars. The designer’s bright colour scheme and extensive labour reinvent bridal attire for the contemporary bride.

This collection is perfect for a princess with tones of champagne, regal reds, pinks, and intricate gold work! The designer takes a chance by fusing red and pink colours, and the results are gorgeous.

The demi-couture dress is dripping with dazzling gold hand embellishments, guaranteeing that every Zubia Zainab bride steals the show on her wedding day.

The collection incorporates traditional crafts and patterns to preserve the cultural legacy of South Asian heritage.

With a beautiful, elegant attitude, Zubia Zainab wanted to cater to every bride during this festive season, and we received precisely that.