In a press announcement, Lollywood stars Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari announced the postponement of their psychological thriller Agar Magar. Fahad Anjum produced, and Shafaq Khalid directed the Yousuf-Sabzwari beginning.

Furthermore, reports indicate filming for Agar Magar ended in the middle of 2019. Khalid, the film’s writer and director, decided to keep the movie’s release indefinitely.

According to the director, the repeated reshoots, difficult weighting issues between scenes, leaked scripts from the supporting cast, and distribution delays resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak contributed to the project’s shelved status.

Khalid’s intellectual property rights to the movie were also an issue in court with her ex-husband Anjum. For the record, the central theme of Agar Magar is the turmoil that arises within a victim of betrayal.

The cast billed the project as a psychological neo-noir, science fiction book, and thriller. “At the time, I found the script unconventional, “Yousuf says. It has undergone several positive changes since I last read it.

I was engrossed in it while reading it. It truly appealed to me in the way that it did.

The actor who Also played in Chain Aye Naa explained what piqued his interest in the production.

I joined this project because of her passion; I think she has something new and original to convey with her movie. “The storytelling is quite different; the story starts in one area and then moves into multiple dimensions and explores different kinds of conceivable realities,” said Sabzwari. “This is her passion project, both directing and writing.